About Irani Ticket

IraniTicket.com is where you can find information and buy tickets to all Iranian events all around the world, with focus on US and Canada. 


IraniTicket has the link to the event promoter or the ticket sale website, so you are directly purchasing from the event promoter. It helps you get the best price and avoid any hassle.


Some of the advantages of using IraniTicket:


  1. Buy directly from the promoter from the comfort of your home
  2. Participate in our weekly raffle. The winner will be announced in our weekly news-letter that goes out on Fridays, titled "Weekly Persian Events and Tickets". You may win free tickets or your money back. Make sure that you are signed up for the news letter and you check it out every week.
  3. Pay using a credit or debit card.


Buy tickets for any of the events on IraniTicket.com or our weekly newsletter, ONLINE, for a chance to win:

1- Your whole money back

2- Gift certificates

3- Free tickets

  • Tickets must be purchased online, through the links provided on IraniTicket.com or the newsletter
  • Drawings will be done weekly.
  • The winner will be announced at the bottom of the weekly news letter. Make sure you are signed up for the news letter and that you check it every week.
  • Every dollor you spend during the month, gives you one point in the drawing. The more you spend, the higher your chance to win.
  • With any purchase, you will automatically paticipate in the drawings for one full month from the date of purchase