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بزم مهر با حامد نیک پی
Bazm e Mehr with Hamed Nikpay

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AEEN Productions Proudly Presents:
"Bazm-e Mehr" Concert Series
"Hamed Nikpay" live in Orange County, California
Sunday, June 22, 2014
For Tickets&Information:
Farzin Farhadi: Music Director & Soprano Sax
Alfredo Cáceres: Flamenco Guitar
Matías Alvear Fall: Electric Bass
Kassandra Kocoshis: Percussion
Guest Musician: Homayoun Khosravi on Cello
Hamed Nikpay: Vocal,Setar,Tanbur, & Oud
It is with great honor to inform you that after much deliberation, contemplation, and my usual procrastination, I decided to start Bazm e Mehr series of elegant Art and Entertainment events. I am truly privileged to have the support of my dear friend and the fabulous artist Hamed Nikpay. Also Homayoun Khosravi and Michael Azar from OC Plaza have been a tremendous help. The first Bazm e Mehr will take place on Sunday, June 22nd, at OC Plaza, Irvine from 6:30 to 9:00. The main feature will, of course, be the one and only Hamed Nikpay. We can only accommodate up to 200 patrons. Ticket sale will be commenced and announced shortly. Please send me a personal message if you want to reserve the best seats. Bazm e Mehr is committed to providing rich and meaningful music, art, entertainment, cocktail and beverage in an elegant manner to those who appreciate them. With your support, we can grow together and enjoy a classy Bazm and a truly cultural/artistic series of events.

With much love and gratitude,
Mehrdad Naghibian

دوستان و یاران، پس از اندیشه و بررسی و پشت گوش اندازی ویژه به من، از همین ماه برنامه های " بزم مهـــــر" را آغاز می کنیم. مایه فخر و مباهات من است که دوست ارجمند و هنرمند گرانقدر "حامد نیک پی" آغازگر نخستین بزم مهر خواهد بود. با یک جهان سپاس از همه دوستداران هنر غنی، تلاش خواهیم کرد تا خرسندی کارشناسان، و هنردوستان نکته سنج و دشوار-پسند را فراهم سازیم .
با مهر و عشق و دوستی

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