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Contemporary Iranian Dance and Music

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The Art of Improvisation - Contemporary Iranian Dance and Music

Presented by:  Rad Arts
Pejman Hadadi
Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam
Behfar Bahadoran


Our fellow Compatriots, now we are all one who speaks the same language, one of the same religion, one with the same heart, one with the same affection, one with the same thoughts, one with the same, one with another...
We will perform for you as if it's an instrument of the heart
To share our common pain
with you
The sadness of forty-four years of suffocation
Forty-four years in prison 
Diaspora, wandering and seperation

 This show is dedicated to the women of Iran the real heroes of this movement 
May you mothers of the earth
Be our saviors
we are with you

هم‌وطن ، هم‌زبان ،هم‌کیش ، هم‌انسان هم‌دل ،هم‌مهر ،هم‌فکر ،هم‌بسته ،هم‌غیر ….
پنجه بر ساز دل خواهیم زد 
تا درد مشترکمان را به گوش دلمان برسانیم 
با شما 
با هم 
غم چهل و چهار سال خفقان 
چهل و چهار سال زندان 
غربت ، دربدری ، هجران 

تقدیم به شما شیر زنان ایران 
باشد که شما مادران زمین 
ناجیان ما باشید 

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